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Art at the Casa Colonial

The Casa has three dedicated art studios.

Throughout the year, we host an art residency for one month in a large, well-lit studio connected to a private bedroom and bathroom. Art is everywhere in Oaxaca, and individual artists can work in the tranquility of this space, while finding inspiration from the color and excitement of the museums, galleries, workshops, studios, and public art in the city. 

Since 2013, we have hosted a group art residency, Obracadobra, where 6-10 artists stay for a month at a reduced rate. Over the years, our artists have contributed murals and other artwork to the ambience at the Casa. Thanks to Obracadobra, organized by Jane’s daughters, Amanda Saxe Barr, and Jean Robison, we have had painters, ceramicists, photographers, visual artists, performance artists, writers, and sculptors from France, Brazil, Germany, Columbia, Estonia, Canada, Mexico and all over the United States.  


We also host art workshops with groups from the United States. Our large studio accommodates art workshops of up to 12 participants. We have had workshops in printmaking, collage, watercolor, paperclay art, felting, shibori, and painting. Art instructors bring their own groups and conduct the workshops in the studio, while the participants enjoy the amenities of Casa Colonial.

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